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The Essence of Public Speaking

This is a further article in my “Essence of Series” Again it is short pithy and to the point – a mere Essence.

I was recently asked to comment on a speech still “under construction”, my colleague, a technically brilliant and a generally funny person, had detailed graphs, charts, photographs and a final wrap up slide show but he lacked The Essence of a good presentation without which you will leave your audience FLAT

To truly connect you need to fully deliver on three levels: Emotion, Novelty, and something Memorable.

1. Show Emotion

It’s so easy given the structured way in which we are trained to work to think that a similar format will work in a presentation: WRONG!

Forget the data, statistics, buzzwords, and marketing jargon and firstly connect with your audience emotionally.  The communicative connection to emotion is well documented and has been covered in detail in several of my blog articles over the past year. Initially engage emotionally by sharing something about you, something that demonstrates your vulnerability and thus your human side and follow this up with a strong emotional connection by demonstrating your passion for the topic or product you are addressing. The most successful and engaging communicators are those who can and do wear their passions on their sleeves and engage their audience emotionally.

2. Introduce Novelty

There are many ways to describe a pencil, or to say no, or ask for another chance, if you want to be successful find the most novel way of saying it. My Twitter account is @barkingmadblog and as with all other users I am limited to describing myself in 140 characters. A tough ask so I differentiate by using a photo of a cute dog at a computer, it’s a novel and subtle way of saying something more about me and our business – check it out! See what you think.

Last week I clicked “un-subscribe” from a site and was taken through to an exit page where the saddest and most lovable dog, with melting eyes, asked if I really wanted to leave him. Yes I did but I am still thinking and telling you about it – I bet many others turn back at that point, great novelty value!

Novelty doesn’t have to be vaudeville just present your case in a manner the audience doesn’t expect!

3. Be Memorable

Remember the lovable dog which tried to hold onto my subscription? Well I un-subscribed from about 6 sites that day and I cannot remember a single thing about the other five. Same action, same click, same outcome but one stays in my mind.

Now this is how your presentation or speech has to be structured, it HAS TO BE MEMORABLE!

These 3 winning points above do not detract from your subject. When you are asked to speak on a topic the organiser isn’t asking you for a slide show with facts and words they want an engaged audience that will leave having learnt lots of facts, tips and ideas, whilst enjoying a great time.

That way the audience returns, they recommend the series to their friends and colleagues and you get asked back at an even higher fee $$$$.

By, Neil Steggall


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