5 comments on “The Three Profits of SME’s

  1. Neil,

    You hit the spot with this one! Interested in hearing more about your 2014 launch. I’m in Melb on 12th time for coffee or lunch? U in Syd soon?



  2. Hey guys a really cool article, I so look forward to your posts. Neil I have emailed you to see if you will give permission to include this in our November newsletter – we have 2200 on our mailing list. cya Penny Wong

  3. Badger,

    Another interesting article and such good advice for SME. We are a 3 partner accounting practice in the Gold Coast and Brisbane with 2700 clients. I have had this idea in my mind for so long to tell but its hard to find the words and clients they are so little patient. You say it all in so few words. Have you read the American Mark Twains quote….I wanted to write a short letter but I ran out of time already so I wrote a long one instead.

    I see that Penny she wants to use the article – is it free, how do I email you?

    Badger your father must be a remarkable man tell him from me. My dog is lazy and sleeps all day. I enjoy your morning post on facebook always laugh

    What do you write about next?


  4. Hi! I’ve shared this with friends as a two-purpose article: practicing English (ESL) and reviewing common business views. I’m around smart entrepreneurial people so I follow what the business world thru the grapevine. I found the article refreshing. Thanks for sharing. PS: Funny remark, M BEKENSTEIN. As a teacher, I see my students struggling in synthesis. I guess when it comes to our metier, we cannot see the forest for the trees :)

  5. Hi Susan,

    Badger asked me to write and thank you for your kind comments! As you clearly know it is hard to be concise and at the same time convey a complex message, these are the challenges we enjoy! I also seek to add just a touch of humour.



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